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Introducing What Next, the brand new 'Pick-Your-Path' adventure game, where you never know what's waiting around the corner.

Players: Games with Solitaire Rules What Next is a brand new adventure game.

Who knows what it may be? It could be a giant koala, a horde of rogue robots, or even an elderly woman armed with a rocket launcher. There is simply no way to know.

Together with the other players, your objective is to successfully navigate your way through the adventure, overcome any challenges you come across, and arrive at the destination without getting hurt. In addition to that, you should also keep a close check on that Tower of Precariousness. If you let it to fall before you reach the finish of the game, then it will be over immediately for everyone.

In contrast to the majority of adventure games, What Next is not simply about selecting the appropriate path.


These adventures have over sixty different dexterity tasks, each of which is intended to halt you in your tracks and force you to stop before you can continue. Would you like to swing from the trees while clinging to a vine? It will be necessary for you to first throw a card into the air and then capture it. Have you made the decision to cross that old rope bridge? To begin, you will have to move the wooden puck over the table carefully so that it does not fall off. In these adventures, it is essential to become proficient in each and every mini-game that you encounter; otherwise, you might not be able to make it to the end of the journey.

The players then choose which road to go next after turning over the next location card, reading out the story, and then making their decision. In the case that there is an event, the player who reads the card is required to complete the dexterity assessment.

When either the players reach the conclusion of the adventure (representing a victory) or the tower of peril collapses (representing a loss), the game is over.

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