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Io's funniest and most entertaining first-person shooter is called Shell Shockers, and it's featured in the game.

Taking up the persona of a fully equipped egg and engaging in combat with other players in real-life settings, such as private or public arenas on multiplayer battlefields.

• Complete every objective in Free For All, one of the four different game modes available in this title.

• Take part in the Team mode to take part in a conflict between the colors red and blue.

• Give our version of the classic game "flag capture," "Capture the Spatula zany," a shot by having you compete for the formidable spatula instead of the flag.

• Or, in our newest mode, King of the Coop, you can ascend to the throne of the rooster kingdom! To emerge victorious in our most recent game mode, you'll need to locate, defend, and take control of five different sites.

Play this one-of-a-kind first-person shooter with your friends on public multiplayer servers located all over the world, or set up your own!

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