Prepare yourself to have a good time with Sorting Sorcery, a frightening puzzle game in which you will have to overcome a total of fifty hard levels in order to assist powerful witches and wizards in correctly organizing the peculiar materials that they use to manufacture their potions.

SORTING SORCERY is very incredible!

You can't afford to make a mistake like that, which is why the goods in the old wooden cupboard have been jumbled up on the various shelves. Be sure to accurately sort all of the things, and bear in mind that each shelf can only hold a maximum of four pieces that are identical to one another. It is important to remember that you have a limited amount of time to finish all of the jobs, and you should collect bonuses for a job well done.The pots, crystals, mushrooms, and other magical components have all been combined into a single magical substance! In the enchanted palace, you should practice your organizational skills by sorting the stuff that belong to the wizards and witches. It is possible to achieve a higher score per level by reducing the number of movements you use. It is possible to earn three stars in each level if you solve the riddles in an effective manner, so make sure you plan your every step! There are a total of fifty stages in Sorting Sorcery, each of which has a variety of witchy, spooky, and magical components that players must find and arrange.
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