ONPIPE is a fun game 

After removing the many geometric shapes that have been affixed to the surface of the pipe, it is time to scrape clean the pipe in OnPipe. Begin cutting with a blade that is formed like a ring and take control of it. Are you ready for a gameplay experience that will both calm you and keep you coming back for more? This game features dozens of levels with cool graphics.

The purpose of this game is to provide a calming, enjoyable, and uncomplicated experience. With the help of your blade, you make an effort to remove the objects that are stuck in the pipes and make it to the finish line without getting killed. The game can be played using the mouse if you so choose. Make your round blade embrace the pipe by clicking and holding down the left mouse button. This will allow you to cut away the objects that are attached to the pipe. However, exercise caution. If you want to avoid contacting the red rings that are attached to the pipe, you should avoid touching them. In the event that you strike them, your sword will shatter, and you will be required to begin the level from the very beginning. The destruction of your sword will also occur if you collide with walls.

How to play ONPIPE is a fun game 

Every time you scrape the pipe, you will gain points. New blade designs and geometric shapes will become available to you as you go through the game's levels. Put out your best effort to finish as many levels as you possibly can in order to achieve a good score! Enjoy yourself and best of luck!

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