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About Geometry Jump World

An updated version of Geometry Jump World has now become available. Due to the fact that the map was altered, this iteration will have a significant number of brand-new obstacles and difficulties.

Are you ready to take possession of an intriguing object that's moving at a rapid rate of speed? In that case, you will not be able to avoid participating in this game in any way. You will get the opportunity to dig into the fascinating world of geometry when you visit Geometry Jump World.

Geometry is a very interesting subject. Characters from all walks of life can be found in this world, and each one has a look that is completely unique from the others. The game provides a thrilling opportunity to compete in a geometry race against other players.

As a direct consequence of this, a large number of gamers from all over the world consider this game to be one of their all-time favorites. Are you competent enough to finish each of the game modes?

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