Fish Story 3, an entertaining game with icons based on the ocean, is available now.

This puzzle game features over four thousand different levels, and your objective is to collect the appropriate icons before you run out of moves.

Are you familiar with Fish Story 3?

Gather the icons that are displayed in the panel that is located on the left side of the board. In order to collect icons, you must first line up three or more of the same sort. Only two icons that are next to one another can be switched, and each move must immediately result in a valid match.

There are only a certain number of moves available to you in order to collect the goods. Remarkably, it is possible to generate line bombs and color bombs by combining four or five icons that are identical to one another. Because of these, you will be able to achieve the level objectives more quickly. It is even possible to combine two explosives in order to produce a huge explosion.

Moreover, you can unlock up to four special boosters. After you have completed the objectives of the level, any moves that you still have available will be transformed into bombs for a last cascade that will increase your score.

Rules of the Game Fish Story 3

To play, you will need to use the mouse.
To reposition the icons, click, hold, and drag them.

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