You have arrived to the Evermatch puzzle game! Swipe colors, solve match-3 puzzles, and have fun with this game.

By achieving three consecutive victories, you will be able to gain access to new destinations and landmarks. In a single game, you will be able to collect and explore some of the most stunning countries in the world.

We are invited to take part in Evermatch, a one-of-a-kind matching and match three game in which you are tasked with assisting an explorer in solving a wide variety of puzzles and mysteries.

This is accomplished by mixing gemstones that are identical in groups of three or more in order to make them disappear from the screen.

You will find a great deal of dazzling jewels waiting for you! Combine four stones that are identical to one another to produce lightning bolts, collect up to five stones that are shaped like a "T" or "L" to produce a unique bomb, and combine up to six stones that are identical to one another to produce a powerful lightning gem that enables you to clear the entire screen. Accomplish a wide variety of objectives and make it through more than one hundred entertaining levels! It's your luck...
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