Tripeaks Solitaire Holiday will take you on an adventure like you've never had before!


You can enjoy a game of cards on the luxurious cruise ship as you go to amazing places like the Pyramids, the Opera House, the Taj Mahal, Easter Island, and many more. You'll need to click the cards in the appropriate order to solve the solitaire puzzles. You'll be able to access more riddles as you progress through the game if you can stack the cards in as few turns as possible. Take in the vivid graphics, and choose from among a total of one hundred challenging levels.


The holiday version of Tripeaks Solitaire is hilarious!


In this travel-themed solitaire game, you will have the opportunity to solve one hundred unique puzzles as you make your way past famous locations in places such as Berlin, Paris, Sydney, and Cairo. The objective of each puzzle is to remove all of the playing cards from the screen.


How to Play the Holiday Version of Tripeaks Solitaire


On the table for each problem is a collection of different cards, with a discard pile located at the very bottom. Arrange the playing cards that are currently on the table so that they are facing down on the discard pile. You have the option of selecting cards with a value that is either one point higher or one point lower than the most recent card to be turned up on the stack. The challenges are going to get more challenging as they progress and will put your talents to the test.

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In the event that you are unable to go forward, you can deal one additional card from your stock and begin a new sequence of cards. When you make multiple matches in a row in a short amount of time, you get additional cards to use. You also have the option of using the undo button.
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