Subway Surfers Berlin

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About Subway Surfers Berlin

The traditional "running game" has been given a fresh new spin in Subway Surfers Berlin. In this edition, the player will be running through the city of Berlin, which is the capital of Germany.

In this incredible 3D adventure, you try to save the day as one of three characters: a street hedgehog, a professional runner, or a daredevil who jumps out of a train. You play as any one of these characters you choose to play.

The objective of each level is to go through a series of subway tunnels and boards while overcoming challenges in order to earn points and power-ups. You'll be able to access new levels, characters, and hidden areas within certain levels as you make progress through the game.

This amazing game is ideal for anyone who takes pleasure in sprinting and making aerial acrobatics. Your enjoyment is our top priority, and we've designed this game with more than 50 different ways to help you unwind and have fun.

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