The name of this hilarious survival game is "Murder Mafia," and it's a lot of fun to play.

There are many different circumstances that might lead to an unexpected death. Therefore, if you want to extend your lifespan as much as possible, you should become an elderly and wealthy man, never trust anyone, and go on the lookout for any prospective assassins who could be planning to kill you and steal your money. Keep an eye out for hints, and make use of whatever additional reflexes you have, in order to prolong your chances of survival for as long as possible.

Murder Mafia is a casual survival game in which you will have to take on the difficult task of removing the most powerful mafia leader in the world using only your wits in order to take his position and do your best to stay alive.

Dress up as the most powerful mob boss in the world and move stealthily across a straightforward setting while doing your best to identify potential betrayers. Explore a never-ending variety of possible outcomes, exhibit a high degree of craftiness, and become an expert in the art of deceit.
Stealthily approach your victims from behind and eliminate them before they have a chance to react. You need to perfectly time your assaults in order to avoid being discovered. In this hilarious game, you are required to commit murder, but you must take precautions to avoid being discovered. After you have eliminated the crime leader, keep an eye on your back because there are more coming after you.

How to play the game: To attack, either click or press and hold on the screen.

Murder Mafia is a simple game that only requires one touch to play, and it casts you in the role of an undercover agent tasked with assassinating the legendary mafia lord, Don. While you uncover the complex web of deception and strategy, you should assume the persona of the Don, investigate a variety of possible outcomes, and be on the lookout for potential double agents.