You are undoubtedly under the impression that roadrollers are incapable of flying, and you are quite correct in that regard; yet... They are able to levitate, and when they fall... Oh my goodness! This is one heck of a show you have to see! What would happen if you were to dump twelve tons of metal into a building? The truth is that you don't even need to utilize your imagination; all you have to do is download our game! You have access to a multitude of fantastic places, as well as extremely heavy vehicles, which are all ready for you to spread the art of destruction!A Ramp for Construction Jumping is a mind-blowing physics and stunt game that defies the laws of gravity as you accelerate to speed down the world's steepest ramps by the hand of a tractor, truck, or any other sort of heavy vehicle.

Jumping is a game that will blow your mind.

 Monster jump 

Invest your money in enhancing your strength, lightness, and flight capabilities, and you will be able to hurl up to 12 tons of heavy metal into the air, flying above buildings. When you fly through interesting locales, you will be able to create an unmatched show of destruction, use dozens of various vehicles, and plunge into pandemonium. Get ready for fast-paced action and hundreds of mind-blowing jumps!

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