A fantastic zombie-shooting game is called Dead Zed. Your objective is to stay alive for forty days while fending off waves of zombies and protecting your base.

Find other people who have survived to make your own survival a little bit easier. Deadlier than Zed in Every Way! Are you prepared to deal with this? You suddenly come to while in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, and the broadcast informs you that you have forty days to wait for assistance.

Now, your time is your most valuable resource. If you want to buy yourself some time, you should try to kill some undead. You should aim for the head each time you shoot at them, and they should perish after the first shot you fire at them.

Do you believe you will be able to hide from them long enough to ensure your survival? Get the answer right now and have a good time while playing Dead Zed online for free.

Controls for the game are as follows: the mouse is used to aim and shoot, R is for reloading, F changes the firing mode, 1-2 changes weapons, and M mutes the sound.

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